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Emily Smith Writes

Thanks for joining me on this new adventure God and I are taking! I'm from the good ole Southern belt of Mississippi. I am married and have 2 awesome kiddos.  Our walk together as a family has been a story and true testament of God's faithfulness. 

 I am an overcomer and desperately want to share what Jesus has done for me!! I am definitely a work in progress and miss the mark sometimes, but that's what makes this journey so amazing! 

Many of the lessons I learn come from home and our relationships with each other. This will be a place for me to share what I am learning and hopefully encourage you along the way too. His grace and love abounds! 


I personally don't often have time to read long blog posts or devotional, which is why  I chose to post small portions for those on the go.


Feel free to follow and share to my social media. My Facebook page, currently titled Song of a Sparrow, can be found here.


Feel free to contact me through facebook messenger. I love to get feedback and encouragment from all of you who want to share.

I am excited to be a part of an upcoming book about encourgaing other women! Will post updates!